Intro to Self-Help + How to Get Shit Done {Book Review}


Hey guys!

I'm backkkkkk! After a crazy fast summer, I'm starting to feel life start to pump the breaks a little. I mean, not before it totally goes full throttle, but still...I know calm is on its way.

A few weeks back I posted over on Insta about the books I was reading for September. It was so fun seeing who has read what + the takeaways everyone had. I'm soooo happy to have finished two of the three, "You Are a Badass" + "The One Thing" (obv, the two self-help/productivity/being your best self books I finished first) + workin' on the fiction one, "The Girls" by Emma Cline. (SO good).

I wanted to do a little review of these two, without giving away too much, because I really think they are both worth reading for yourself.

I'll start with "You Are a Badass".

First of all, that title. I mean, c'mon. Who doesn't want someone to tell them something they already know!? It got me pumped + I couldn't wait to dive in. The book is the perfect length to finish in less that a week like I did, reading about 20 mins a day. It's super digestible + probably the greatest "Self-Help 101" book I've read so far.

There's no BS, it's straight to the point + doesn't sugar coat a thing. Jen Sincero (the author) does you a favor by telling you like it is. It's like an older sister pep talk. (I'm assuming. Since I'm an only child.) If I had an older sister I would hope our conversations would sound something like this book. 

Most importantly this book tells you to believe in your greatness, taketh no shit + love yourself above all else. I can get down with that.

One of my favorite parts (there's legit a hundred stickie tabs marked off in my book) is when she talks about getting clear on what YOU want in this life. Going for it full steam ahead + not giving a shit what people think in the process.

"You're gonna have to push past your fears, fail over and over again and make a habit of doing things you're not so comfy doing. You're going to have to let go of old, limiting beliefs and cling to your decision to create the life you desire like your life depends on it."

Uh, because, IT DOES. Sometimes it just takes someone outside of our daily lives to say something in such a way that it smacks us off our asses + into beast mode. I've read a shit ton of books on self-help + development -- this one just hits the spot. I'll probably start reading it again after I finish this post. Ya know...just to make sure I really got it.

I'll post one more little excerpt from this book because it's too good not to + if you're going after the life you want, chances are you know someone like this:

"'Shirley, are you really going to quit your secure, corporate job to open a nail salon when you've got two children, a mortgage, and high blood pressure? So few new businesses succeed, especially in this economy--aren't you worried about what will happen to your family if you fail?'

Of course Shirley is worried about what will happen to her family if she fails! She wakes up every night seized by panic about it, but she's moving past her fear to create something she's really psyched about, rather than dying a slow painful death hanging around the watercooler with you, whining about how dry the cake was at the birthday party your boss threw for you in the conference room last week."


Don't hang around the watercooler any longer than you have to.

Anyway, if you're looking for something to shake up your life a little bit, permission to step into your greatness or just want a good laugh, I highly recommend heading to your nearest bookstore (#shopsmall) + pick yourself up a copy. Hell, pick up two + give one to someone you know needs it.

Read it + let me know your thoughts!

NOW, what I really loved about both of these books is the discussion about hiring coaches. In my own life I have seen the invaluable resource hiring a coach has provided me. I can honestly say that with out them (yes, more than one) I would not be where I am today. NO question. #investinyourself

Every high powered executive, successful entrepreneur + elite athlete has coaches. Both of these books do a great job at explaining the value a coach can have in one's life, which was especially comforting to me since I've been building my own coaching business throughout most of 2016. I didn't even realize before I read it that Jen Sincero is a coach herself + follows many of the same thought leaders/high-level thinkers that I do! Also, the back of the book is her suggested reading list which you might wanna take a look at. I've read a handful of them + she ain't lyin' when she says they're worth a read!

Ok, so once you've decided you are, in fact, a badass + have given yourself full permission to take the world by the you know whats, you're gonna need to get shit done. And that is where "The One Thing" comes in.

The beginning of this book covers the ground work needed to establish why you're about to do what you wanna do + how you can plan on doing it. The authors Gary Keller + Jay Papasan (Gary of the Keller Williams bunch) give you concrete evidence as to why we have the same 24 hours a day Beyonce does yet we're all seriously lagging behind.

They go into detail about how we are a society of constant distractions + things are vying for our attention 24/7. They make a great case for it + you instantly start to cut yourself some slack. You are not lazy. You are not unmotivated. You don't lack ambition + you know this.

My biggest lesson from this book was the time blocking system they've developed. And man, does it work. Who knew how simple it could be? They go into much greater detail in the book + I totally suggest picking it up if you struggle with productivity + GSD (getting shit done). To put it simply, they suggest you block off sections of time + focus on ONE thing. One thing only. Work until your time is up + then move on! What a concept!? No multitasking (because we all know we ain't good at it, don't lie to yourself), no distractions. Phones on silent, timer is set, focused on your one thing at hand.

The best part, I can honestly say it works. I'm using this method right now to focus on writing. I've be able to write twice as much in half the time because I focused on my ONE thing. Anddddd my timer just I'm movin' on!

Hope you find some value in these books like I did. If you're even the slightest bit interested in either book, definitely go out + grab a won't be disappointed.

What's on your reading list?!

Big Hug + Lots of Love,