3 Ways to Practice an Attitude of Gratitude

So, last week I made a mention of how I've recently incorporated a practice of daily gratitude into my morning routine and how it's had a positive effect on my life. This week, I want to tell you how gratitude has be the SINGLE BIGGEST game changer in my life over the past six months. 

Throughout my year "off" from the corporate world {in attempt to go full speed in the direction of my dreams} I slowly but surely lost my "way". I've always been a positive person {+ don't see that changing any time soon} but after a few business relationships left me disappointed, promises left unkept and no clear direction of where to turn next, I began to lose hope. Which, for me, was a foreign feeling. I've always known what to do, what had to be done and when to do it because I'm a very instinctual person and often act on gut instinct, but this time was different.

Looking back now, I know EXACTLY why these things happened + why these seemingly "disappointing" events kept occurring. Now I know whole heartedly it was the universe having my back, saying "No, no, no, don't go in there. That's not where you're supposed me," but the time, I just felt like a failure. I felt confused as to what my next move should've been, "Should I go back to my corporate job? Should I temp? Am I giving up?!". The answer to all of these questions, instinctively, was "No." but it was getting so hard to keep the faith...harder each day to see there was a method to this madness + that this path was part of my big picture journey. 

Keeping the faith {faith in whatever it is you believe in} is easiest when everything is going well. Its hard to realize  things keep going well because you are now conditioned to have faith in things always working out. But its when your faith is tested, when times are tough, that you begin to realize to power and influence it has over your life. 

For me, this was last year. Throughout 2015 I remember having feelings of fear + disappointment because I believed my fate was in the hands of others. I began to feel frustrated that "it" {whatever it actually was...I didn't even know} wasn't gonna happen. 

That is...until everything shifted. I was closing in on my "one-year" allowance I gave myself to figure shit out + get to work, when suddenly I acknowledged how negative I'd become + how out of alignment I felt. The spirit junkie master herself, Gabby Bernstein, talks about this shift + how this is when the books start falling off the shelves, the right people start coming into your life + things you only have dreamed about start happening. All because you consciously recognized a shift needed to occur.

With this feeling, a co-worker at the time {+ now a soulful spirit sister/fellow badass lioness} told me about a book called, "Ask and It Is Given, " by Abraham Hicks. It's a veryyy spiritual book and kinda funky if you're new to exploring energy + talking about God, but DAMNNNNN did this book change my life. It was as if everything I'd been asking for just gave me a roadmap on how to get there. My feelings at the time were "How do I get back to being my positive self?! How to get back to feeling good + putting out good vibes?". This book basically fell into my lap and was like "Imma show ya how!". 

My biggest takeaway from the book was its insistence on gratitude and how powerful a single shift in attitude can open you up to the abundance intended for you. Now, some of you may be like "Uhh, abundance!? Ha! Please...give me a break," if this is you, save yourself some time and stop reading. This post isn't for you. 

But I imagine those that clicked on this link are somewhat interested in what gratitude can do for you and how you can attract your own abundance. If this is you, welcome to your shift. 

Now I'm not saying you have to go out and read Abraham Hicks {although, I totally think you should anywayyy} but it would best serve you to be open to allowing gratitude to work its magic on your life.

With three REALLY simple thoughts/actions each day, you can radically change your life. Buttttt, are you open to it?! Are you afraid that it may actually work + you'll have to believe in all this spiritual shit?! Don't worry, you can wave from the sidelines until you're ready while the rest of us get busy makin' magic happen. 


  1. Start your morning with gratitude. Like, FIRST THING in the morning. Before you get out of bed, you make a conscious effort to say "Thank you for ______". Can't think of anything?! How 'bout, "thank you for the great night of sleep, the roof over my head and a comfy bed." I'm telling you, this isn't rocket science. Look around you and pick something to be grateful for. The options are endless.
  2. Look for ways to practice random acts of kindness. Whether it's letting someone cut in front of you at Starbucks or giving someone the change they need to pay for their order. When you're looking, you'll almost ALWAYS find it. Believe me, this is the kinda karma that comes back to you ten-fold. Plus, it gets addicting feeling THAT good. Try it, I dare ya. 
  3. Actively "Thank" the Universe/God/source energy, whomever, for things. Examples, "Thank you for this amazing car I get to drive. It's safe and gets me from A to B without breaking down. It's so comfortable and I love driving it." Or, while waiting on line at the grocery store, "Look at this awesome store, all the workers are always so friendly and helpful. Thank you for allowing me to be able to buy these groceries to keep me healthy + happy!".

Literally, the options are endless and it doesn't have to be profound. The idea is to constantly be looking for something to be grateful for. Once you are looking, you realize there are WAY WAY WAY more things to be grateful for than not. 

For example, as I write this blog post, the sun is shining through the window {for the first time in a week!} the birds are singing as if rehearsed and I'm listening to Bobby Darin. Whattttt?! Like, too good to be true. But the Universe starts to almost mock you in a way as if by saying "how's this for something to be grateful for?!"

The moment I started making these three things a daily habit my life became electric. It was crazy how quickly things shifted, doors started opening in the strangest of places, people started showing up in my life exactly when + where I needed them and money seemed to fall out of the sky. 

We do not live in a world of lack. Abundance is all around us just waiting for us to get our asses in line and ask for it. There is more than enough in this world for all of us to have more than enough. Are you ready for your piece of the pie?

I dare you to try this for a week {a dare sounds more dramatic + I always love a good dare} and see what happens. Be prepared because some weird shit's about to go down. You're gonna be telling your friends, "You'll never believe what just happened...this is so weird, right?!" Yea. I know

"Gratitude opens the door to the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the Universe." -Deepak Chopra

Grateful to YOU reading this + hope this post inspires you to add an attitude of gratitude to your life!

With Big Hugs + Lots of Love!