A Twenty Something Guide to Tackling Your Summer Bucket List

Its June. Like, the second week of June. What. The. F*@#. I can’t believe we’re already HALF way through 2016. Blows my mind. Where does the time go?! Seriously?! I feel like I’m in twilight zone. I remember my New Year’s Day hangover like it was yesterday

Anyway, its June + that means summer is HERE people! The most wonderful time of the year. Warm days, long nights, ungodly humidity + rosé.

So before we blink + its over, I wanted to challenge you all to get the most out of these summer months. They always go by way too quickly + leave us disappointed in all we didn’t get to do. Instead of ending the summer with regret (look, I’m already talking about it being over *eye roll* ((btw, my new favorite emjoi)) ) we’re gonna hold each other accountable to get out there + make the most of this gorgeous weather to fuel our mind, body + soul.

The key to milking the last drop out of summer (or anything for that matter) is to PLAN. Ugh, I know. All the spontaneous, free-spirits are collectively groaning at this. I FEEL YOU. Believe me, nothing kills my vibes quicker than a “plan” but hear me out. Being our wild, free-spirit selves (again with the *eye roll* emoji) we tend to want to DO a lot of things but never really factor in logistics.
For example, “let’s hop in the car + head out to the Hamptons!” *eye roll* again (see how useful this emoji is??!) well, it’s 5:00pm on a Friday night + if we left right now, we probably wouldn’t arrive until Sunday at 5pm. Logistics. *eye roll* (ok, I’m done).

THIS is where planning comes in. Planning allows you to experience all you want to experience + with the people you want to experience it with. Sooooo, right now, take out your planner/google calendar/back of an envelope + write down ALL the activities you want to take part in this summer. Like that SoulCycle class you’ve always wanted to try. SLT NYC? Orange Theory?! Go get em! You can even be even more ambitious + make these #goals for June!

Here, I’ll give ya some hints, these are a few things I’d like to see myself do this summer with June #goals in bold:
•    Attend a movie in the park once a month
•    Take a girls trip to a vineyard #roséallday
•    Watch fireworks on the beach
•    Head into the city for an outdoor workout class
•    Go to an outdoor concert
•    Road trip three hours to a new place (preferably, beach obv.)
•    Read atleast ONE good beach read
•    Enjoy a paint + sip night with friends
•    Dance all night at a wedding (or three)
•    Go to a country concert
•    Take a rainy day trip to a museum in NYC
•    Try a new workout class
•    Watch the sunrise over the beach
•    Head to a Yankees game with friends
•    Spend a night at the boardwalk (+ conquer the Mouse Trap that terrified me as a child * eye roll * ((last one, mean it.)) )
•    Make a slightly less potent batch of Limoncello (seriously, make this, so good but damn is it strong. Will post the recipe I use soon!)
•    Watch a double feature at the drive-in movie theatre

Hopefully some of these ideas will get your creative juices flowing.

Now, take three or four of these ideas + see where you can carve out some time over the next three weeks to cross these off your list. Send a group email (unless you’re like me + send group texts + make people wanna stab their eyes out, sorry guys...) to see who’d be down to tackle these activities with you.

There is SO much to do during the summer months + only a short time to do it all. Most of the time were standing in our own way or waiting for someone else to take the reins. Take the summer into your OWN hands + watch the magic happen. All you need is a little planning + spontaneity can take it from there.

Let me know what ideas you come up with! Always looking to add this list!

Wishing you the buzziest, funnest June yet!

Big HUG + lots of LOVE,