Holiday Gift Guides for Wellness + Fitness Junkies

I”m SO pumped the holiday season is in full swing + I can finally listening to Christmas music without people telling me to turn it off. Ha!

So in the midst of my food coma + on the heels of Black Friday, I felt like putting together some holiday gift guides for the babe on your list ths year just in time for some Cyber Monday deals.

From budget friendly to bigger ticket items, I know there is something on here for the go-getter in your life! Most of these items I use myself or I’ve added to my own wish list this year (*hint hint*).😂

If gift-giving is your favorite thing to do, you’ve come to the right place!

Up first we have the Holiday Gift Guide for the wellness obsessed in your life! Keep reading to find out why I love these items + how I use them in my life!


  1. The Five-Minute Journal This item is #1 on my list becuase I truly believe an attitude of gratitude changes your whole life. I use this system in the app version on my phone (because I’m a gypsy child + remembering to bring yet another book around with me isn’t happening lol!). The app follows the same formula for writing down things you’re grateful for + a daily affirmation. I do believe, however, that putting pen to paper makes it even more powerful. Once I can park myself in one place for a while I’ll definitely be switching over the hard copy!

  2. Moon Juice Shop Moon Dust Sampler These adaptogenic superherbs + mushrooms help support your brain, skin + the overall nourishment of your body. Think beauty dust, sleep dust, brain name it! By using the sampler pack you can find your favorite! I love the brain dust but am excited to try the others!

  3. HImlayan Sea Salt Plug-in Lamp I recently experienced my first salt therapy session and let me tell you, it’s the real deal. More than a handful of people commented on how amazing my skin looked in the days following, I could breathe more clearly + honestly felt my body vibrate at a higher frequency. (I shit you not my friend…). SO if you don’t live near a salt spa (but I’m sure you do, just google...I live near 3 and had no clue!) filling your home with salt lamps is the next best bet. I love this one because it’s small + doubles as a night light. The salt changes the ionic composition of the air around + has tons of positive effects on your body!

  4. Slip Sleep Set THIS. This is it my friends. Think of how long you sleep on your pillow each night?! Sleeping on a silk pillowcase is less abrasive than sleeping on a regular cotton or synthetic fabric. It’s slippery nature ensures you won’t wake up with pillow lines on your face (aiding in the production of more wrinkles 🙄 + an embarrassing commute) and helps prevents hair breakage. Plus, the eye mask is perfect for a quick power nap + is equally soft around your eyes! Win-win!

  5. Mario Bedescu Facial Spray The facial spray to end all facial sprays and did I mention its $7!? Perfect stocking stuffer or add-on to any gift you you give this season! This spray is super hydrating, smells divine + leaves skin feeling dewy (not oily!) all day long. With rosewater + aloe this is a must have beauty cabinet product.

  6. RMS Living Luminizer A friend of mine told me about RMS Beauty in my search for clean beauty products. So far RMS is as clean as I can find + have used. They use food-grade organic ingredients + nothing synthetic or chemical. Their products are meant to be blended + used together. This is the first product of theirs I’ve used + I LOVE it. I use it as highlighter, eye shadow + even a little bit on my lips. Check out their other products + you won’t be disappointed.

  7. Meditation Set I’ve been meditating pretty consistently for the last four months + have noticed such a shift in my mental clarity + stress, it’s amazing! I saw this cute little set + now it’s on my list. It comes with a pillow + eye mask perfect to travel with or set up somewhere in your home to make daily meditation something to look forward to! Whenever I get my hands on this thing I’m setting it up in the sunniest spot in the house (my favorite place to do any meditation).

  8. OIl Diffuser This has been one of the favorite additions I’ve made to my wellness routine this year. I use it all day when I’m home + every night before bed. It’s one of those things you didn’t know you *needed* until you got one + now you’ll never be without it.

  9. Liquid Sunshine, Well Being, Immune These are just a few of my favorite essential oils. Liquid sunshine smells like just that...sunshine. I use this during the day + to help focus when I’m doing work. It’s invigorating + energizing (and helps winter feel less wintery). Well being (with a couple of drops of lavender!) is my go to for relaxing. It has neroli in it which I love + helps me fall asleep quickly! Immune is another favorite that has eucalyptus + helps with stuffy winter days and congestion.

  10. Ritz Carlton Robe If you care about anyone in your life, get them this. This robe is IT! I got this for my birthday after falling in love with it after staying at the hotel. Each time, I would find myself sleeping in it and never wanting to taking it off. Now I SO look forward to my night time routine when I shower + lounge around in it for a couple of hours. It’s a little pricey but so SO so worth every penny!


Up next is the Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Junkies! There are endddddless fitness gifts to get the workout warrior in your life, these are just a few of the staples everyone with an exercise routine should have.

  1. Athleta Gym Bag I love anything camo + Athleta has this awesome blue + white camo print that I love! This bag has tons of pockets + places to organize all the things you need to get from workout to going out!

  2. Foam Roller The love/hate relationship I have with my foam roller is REAL. As a spin instructor, my hamstrings + calves are always tight. Foam rolling is extremely important for anyone that works out a lot or does a lot of repetitive motions (read: spinning) as it works out tight muscles, moves lactic acid build up + leaves you feeling like a ball of mush.

  3. Hydro Flask 40 oz. This is the best water bottle for workouts + daily life. It keeps any liquid cold for up to 24 hrs and hot beverages hot up to 6 hrs. Its extra large (this option is jsut over a liter) so you’ll have more than enough water for before during + after your workout. Plus it has a flip top straw (makes it super easy to drink from one handed) + hook for easy carrying.

  4. Beats X Beats by Dre For those who opt for solo workouts, these headphones are perfect. They’re wireless (but like not those silly buds you’ll lose in two seconds) AND they’re matte gold. I mean, I wouldn’t even care if the quality wasn’t that good because they’re just so damn cute, but to top it off they’re Beats! And, the reviews on Amazon are great!

  5. Nutri Bullet Rx For any fitness, wellness, food lover, the Nutri Bullet is a must have for smoothies, protein shakes, dressings + sauces. It can literally do all the things. This version is more powerful + has sturdier cups that come with handles! My nutri bullet is rounding almost 10 years old + I’m itching for an upgrade. Plus, this one is on a serious sale!

  6. Spiritual Gangster Warrior Hoodie This is the perfect top to throw on before or after the gym. It completes that whole “athleisure” look. I’m a sucker for any kind of graphic tee and I love how this one says ‘Warrior’, it feels fierce + I love it!

  7. Lululemon Namastay Mat I’ve been in the market for a great new yoga mat + just stumbled upon this new one from Lulu. They seriously do make the best mats + I’ve been eyeing up their “the Big Mat” for while (since I’m tall + my legs usually need more room 😂) but I think I might like this one better. It’s made from natural rubber, Luvea, and is sustainably sourced!

  8. Dynaflyte 2 by Asics Finally Asics offers a black + white sneaker. Lol. Asics have been my favorite sneakers for a while for comfort + performance but hated how I could never find a neutral style. I think these may be it! Great for running, training and all around life on the go. These are going on my list too!

  9. Alo Yoga Moto Leggings These are the super popular, not-just-for-yoga pants that everyone needs. They come in a ton of colors (obv I just like black) + can be dressed up or down. Athleisure closet staple.

Hope these ideas helped you get started on your holiday shopping for the season! Remember, when shopping for gifts, the thought always counts. Taking time to think of what the person really enjoys + showing interest in their hobbies means more than any price tag.

Do yourself a favor + don't wait until the last minute this year. No one needs the added stress!

Take some time this week + write down who you want to buy for this year, what your budget is + their areas of interest. Then, as you go about your days, you'll find gifts that will stand out from the crowd + help you with your shopping! 

Check back on the blog tomorrow for two more holiday gift guides: one for the girl-boss in your life + one for the hostess/entertainer/cook extraordinaire! 

Happy shopping!

Xx Kendall