Holiday Gift Guides for the Hostess, Cook + Girl Boss

I’m back with two more gift guides to get you into the holiday spirit and (hopefully!) not waiting until the last minute to start your shopping. Whether it be gifts for your family, friends (or maybe just for you!) I hope these gift guides help give you some ideas!

Up first is my gift ideas for the hostess, entertainer, cook in your life! Some of these items I use myself (and love!) + others are going on my own wishlist. Keep reading for more info!

  1. Le Creuset 5.5 qt. Dutch Oven This is one of those items you most certainly need but will tell yourself you don’t because it’s a bit on the pricier side. But I have to say, this pretty little thing pays you back in dividends. You can make almost anything in it (think chili’s, stews, sauces, soups, etc.) it can go straight from the stovetop into the oven and is worth it’s weight in gold...and it’s mighty heavy I might add. PLUS, you can interchange the knobs. We’re in the middle of redoing my house + I can’t wait to get my hands on a white dutch oven with a gold knob 😍 It’s the little things in life, no?!

  2. Black Playing Cards I don’t know about you, but a wild Saturday night with my friends consists of drinking wine + playing games. These all black playing cards make you feel super chic + cool and would be the perfect stocking stuffer or hostess gift!

  3. Stacking Cacti Glasses I don’t even know if these need any explanation. They are so fun + casual yet they’re glass and will hold up well. I can already taste the delicious margarita’s they will soon hold. Perfect for the girl who loves tequila, a solid fiesta (+ siesta, of course) and observes Taco Tuesday each week.🌵

  4. Jo Malone London Lime Basil & Mandarin Scent Surround Diffuser GUYS. This. This is the smell of all smells. Literally, they put it in the lobby of the Bloomingdale’s by my house + I will stand there and breathe it allll in for ten minutes. It’s super fresh, but still smells like something, ya know what I mean?! Perfect for the friend who just moved + looking for a signature scent for her new digs. (Pick yourself up one too, once you smell it you’ll be hard pressed to actually give it away!)

  5. Bodum Chambord Copper 34 Ounce French Press I. Love. French pressed coffee. In my opinion, aside from an espresso machine, there is no better way to make coffee. You can adjust it to exactly how you like your coffee, strong, mild, name it! It gives it such a good flavor, if you haven’t tried it, treat yourself to a French Press this year and if you know how great it is, gift one to spread the coffee love. This copper one is eye catching + makes enough coffee for everyone!

  6. Marble + Brass Inlay Cheese Board I love anything with writing on it so it’s no question this cute cheese board gets on the list. I have a similar one from West Elm + its super durable and will keep the cheese nice + cold, not soggy + gross like wood does after a while. An inexpensive way to throw something cheeky + whimsical into a gift!

  7. Ullo Filter + Decanter I came across this wine filter on a Facebook ad one day + immediately bought it. It’s the only wine filter that removes sulfites without changing the taste of the wine! That means no more stuffy noses, wacky hangovers or wine headaches. Sulfites are responsible for all of that + more. But this filter does it’s job + now comes with an awesome decanter. Any wine lover will be thanking you for years to come for this!

  8. Polaroid Original Ok, so I know everyone’s all about the Instax (and I love it too!) but I was recently reintroduced to the goodness of an OG polaroid camera. It’s amazing. Takes the best pictures (with the greatest filter ever invented) and makes any moment way more fun. Think of a holiday party you’re attending this year, how much fun would it be to take pictures that actually get developed!? Take it old school this year.

  9. Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender Clearly I’m having a copper moment but hear me out. This blender is the blender of all blenders. If you have a serious cook, wellness junkie, protein shake maker-extraordinaire, you best believe a Vitamix is at the top of their list. It can make soups, smoothies and sauces, has a quieter motor (so no more waking up the whole house in the morning) plus it can chop vegetables + doubles as a food processor. It does all the things. It’s a big ticket item but will win you big brownie points. Or smoothie points?

  10. Crosley Radio Cruiser Deluxe Turntable The last few months Tim + I have been going through my dad’s house that we’re redoing and had so much fun going through his record collection. We must’ve saved at least 50 records we deemed “ungiveawayable” to keep for ourselves. This item is at the top of our list, maybe juuuust behind a fridge, washer/dryer, stovetop, oven + dishwasher but we can’t wait to get our hands on one. We love that it looks super retro + creates a super cool vibe. Any music lover will appreciate an eclectic item like this!
  11. Cuisinart Commercial Wine Opener My mom literally gets this wine opener any time she has to bring a gift somewhere. It’s always a hit, relatively inexpensive + works great if you pair it with a nice bottle of wine! We’ve had ours for years + it has yet to let us down. No more fussing with a corkscrew or breaking the cork + ruining the wine, this is a game changer!




I could easily make this list 50 items long but I tried to contain myself. There’s just so much any entreprenuer, soloprenuer, girl boss, mom boss, your boss’ boss needs to make her day easier.

These are a few of the items I thought would make amazing gifts for the woman on a mission in your life!

  1. The Future is Female What better way to show her you support her + her dreams than slappin’ it on a pillow?! This cute, empowering throw pillow is the perfect gift (and reminder!) to show the girl boss in your life how much you believe in her + her dreams.

  2. The Day Designer This is the bible for any female hustlin’ to do #allthethings. I’ve purchased this planner three times already + have no plans on changing. It gives you one full page for each day (yes, it’s enormous but you’ll love it) and all the space to write your to do list + keep everything organized. It’s a quality planner + will not break or budge getting thrown around a bag.

  3. U Brands White Board Calendars I have four of these guys hanging over my desk to help me plan content, events + ideas and be able to look ahead a few months at a time. They’ve got a gold frame so they’re office chic. The white board allows you to plan, re-plan and then plan some more. The blogger/side hustler will love this!

  4. bkr 1L Bottle I’m not a fan of drinking out of plastic and your girl’s gotta stay hydrated. These glass bottle from bkr are overly instagrammable yet functional at the same time. No tough mouth pieces to clean, just simple glass. The silicone outer layer makes them easy to carry! Perfect for the girl on the go!

  5. Laptop Stand If you spend hours at the computer and wind up with an achy neck and knots in your back, this might be the answer. This laptop stand raises the height of your screen to eye level so you put less strain looking down. It’s a game changer. Your chiropractor will thank you!

  6. Mophie Case I’ve been putting off getting myself one of these forever. My phone is always dying (I’m sure you know someone in the same situation) and currently has zero case on it. Between checking emails, posting to instagram, and handling all things social, I’m rarely in the same place long enough to charge my phone so this would be perfect! Think I’ll be treating myself to one of these as soon as I get my hands on the new iPhone!

  7. Sony Alpha a6000 For the budding blogger in your life, this gift will likely be a Christmas, birthday, anniversary gift all rolled into one. Though not the most expensive camera, it’s definitely on the pricier side. The beauty of this one is that it’s compact, it’s lens is interchangebale, it connects to your phone via wifi + has a flip out screen. I currently have a Canon Eos Rebel which is one of the smallest DSLRs out there. I definitely don’t need a new camera at the moment but when I do, this is my first purchase! It’s small enough to take with you everyone so you don’t miss a moment!

  8. Go Getter Mug Like I said before, I love a good saying plastered across a shirt, a pillow or cheese platter. This mug is part of a series from West Elm and the other sayings are just as cute. Every girl boss needs her go-to coffee mug, this could be it!

  9. All Day Tote 26L This tote is perfect for taking you from the gym to work and out for drinks. It has a laptop sleeve to keep your computer safe on the go, has all the compartments for #allthethings, plus it black, looks super chic and doubles as a purse! It will be the “it” bag for the girl boss on your list.

  10. Sony Premium Noise Canceling Headphones These headphones might be pricey but the noise canceling feature allows you to work anywhere without distractions. Whether it be at a noisy coffee shop or trying to focus in your home office, the right playlist and noise canceling headphones will get the job done!


Hope these gift ideas were helpful + you find the perfect gift for those on your list this year! Remember, as always, it’s the thought that counts! Taking the time to think of the recipients interests will go a really long way!




Happy Holidays + happy shopping!



Xx Kendall