How to Not Quit Your Job: Tips on Starting Where You Are

I’m gonna take a little bit of a wild guess here (since you clicked on the link + all…) You wanna quit your job. 

You’ve been wanting to quit + carve out your own path in this world for sometime now. You feel completely out of alignment with where your life is right now + know that something’s gotta give. You’re one bad day away from saying, “Fuck it, I quit.” 

And as much as I totally LOVE that attitude, because you would be taking a big leap of faith (I’m a fan of big leaps of faith), read the following first.

Does the following sound like you?! Sunday night comes + the anxiety of another work week starts creeping in. You’ve often thought about marching into your boss, many a Monday mornings, + uttering those two slightly crazy, yet powerful words, “I quit.”

Buttt, reality sinks in, you’ve got bills to pay, you’re trying to get out of debt, build a savings account + become an adult. You don’t have a game plan or even the slightest idea of what you’d do instead. All you know is you need a change. 

I know how you feel. I’ve been there myself. What I’m about to lay down is coming from someone who did it the hard way

Hi, yes, me. 

Up + quitting your job is one of the most liberating feelings ever, not gonna lie. The sense of the “I can do anything I put my mind to” mantra is overwhelming. 

The day I quit my corporate job to set out to pursue my dreams (in TV hosting) was the most bittersweet day I’ve ever experienced. 

I felt like I had come out of hiding. I no longer felt like a fraud showing up to work + only giving 50% of my effort. I felt free. I felt like endless opportunity was waiting for me. 

I stopped crying everyday + returned to the hopeful + optimistic person I once was. 

And then…

I came crashing down from this high when shit got real. 

I went from making $80,000 to working part-time in retail, overnight. 

I always had a good money mindset. Making lots o’ money (with the least amount of effort) was kinda my forte. 

This period of my life brought on the toughest growing pains + a tremendous amount of mental struggle. The story does have happy ending though. Through the struggle + pain + uncomfortable-ness, it eventually led me to finding my purpose + starting my own business. 

I believe my purpose in life it to help those who wish to do what I did + step out on their own. But instead to do it with grace + ease + less stress.

Knowing what I know now, I wish I could do it all over again.

I firmly believe everything happens for a reason + that I wouldn’t be where I am today if those struggles hadn’t shaped me, but the steps I could’ve taken back then are so obvious to me now. 

It’s my passion in life to help others live their best life, to help them avoid the pitfalls that I experienced + to come out the other side successful + happy. 

As women, we’re incredibly intuitive, we make most of our decision based on our gut. To some it might seem as though we’re impulsive + flaky but we know differently. 

Because of this intuition + the need for things to feel right, big time decisions usually come first + the plan of attack second…when it really should be the other way around.

To help you steer clear of the same bumpy path I had, I want to share with you some tips to consider before you jump ship. 

These are things I’ve come across over the last two years + totally wish I knew about beforehand. 

Bloom where you’re planted.

This concept came to me this past year while attending Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass. She talks a lot about “being the light” wherever you are. No matter what.

For me, this means implementing things you are a) trying to do outside of work (in your new career) and/or b) things that make your physical space more enjoyable.

Let’s say you’re thinking about a career in fitness. The idea has always interested you but you never gave it much thought. Think about ways you can start this new path right where you are, can you get certified in something + teach before or after work? On the weekends?! 

I can tell ya one thing, if you’re not willing to wake up a little earlier/get home a little later for something you think you want to pursue while you have a job, you miiiight not be ready to up + quit just yet. Start here. 

{If only I had discovered fitness while I had a full time job. Free memberships + making extra money!? HELLO!? Win-win.} 

Now, let’s say you can't stand your work environment. Its dark, dreary + depressing. Can you bring flowers in weekly? Trader Joe’s sells bouquets for $5, a luxury you wouldn’t get to enjoy had you quit on a whim. (Because you’d be hungry + broke. And you can’t eat flowers.)

Are the people you work with a buncha Negative Nancy’s? You can start a book club where you read self-development books monthly + chat over coffee every Friday to see what you all thought.

If you think you want to start career in coaching, your work community is a great opportunity to gain experience on how to empower + guide those around you. 

Sometimes what you’re craving isn’t necessarily a new career but just simply change. YOU have the power to change your reality. So start where you are. Bloom where you’re planted


One hour a day, to living the life you want to live. If you’re not prepared to spend at least one hour a day (again with that waking up earlier or going to bed later thing) on your dream career, you might not want it bad enough.

The excuse of “I just don’t have time,” doesn’t work. If it matters to you, make it a priority. Oprah + Beyonce use the same damn clock we do + look what shit they can get done. 

This one is especially frustrating to me. In my past life, I worked in corporate sales. I had allllll the time in the world to work on a side-hustle. Instead what did I do with it?! Came home, watched TV. Fail. Don’t be like me. The Housewives can not pay your rent

Ok so let’s paint a picture. Here you are, wanting to start the blog you’ve been thinking about for over a year. What’s stopping you? Start it today. Start now. 

Sign up on + buy your domain. Write a blog post. Take a picture. Use some hashtags. 

If you quit your job today, started your blog tomorrow, you’d be broke by Monday. 

The starving artist is not the look I think you’re going for. There is no need to struggle. Yes, it builds character but I can assure you there 759 other ways you can do that without going hungry

Invest in yourself.

My god, if only I knew what the hell a business/life coach was beforeeee I quit my job who knows how much further along I’d be. I can almost guarantee I’d be in less debt, I’d have a much better credit score + would’ve had my business rockin’ + rollin’ before I could even cry wolf.  

Over the last year + a half I’ve found thousands of coaches out there who solely focus on helping young women transition out of their corporate job + into their dream job with minimal struggle (hi, yes, me again!). 

Find them on social media + dig into it more. When you find someone you click with, reach out to her! They’re there to help + guide you. Be your sounding board + answer all of your question along the way.

People are quick to decide to go to back to school, taking on tens of thousands of dollars of debt when, for a quarter of price, they could’ve gotten one-on-one training + guidance to creating/getting/crushing the job of their dreams. 

Let's take a look, here you are, knowing that you want to go from point A to point B andddd you have steady income…you can totally invest in yourself + still be able to buy groceries. 

Take out a small business loan.

You wouldn’t open a brick + mortar store without most likely needing to take out a small business loan. Starting an online business should be no different. 

There are still costs involved (though usually not nearly as much) but knowing you have the money upfront to get your business off the ground saves you a lot of time (+ money!) on the back end. 

Having money to invest in a graphic designer, a photographer, e-courses you need to take, the coach you need to hire…all of that is for your business. The quicker these things happen, the more established you become + the faster you make that money back

You can also look for no interest credit cards if formal loans aren’t your thing. (Generally you’ll get approved for more ca$h money if your salary is decent + consistent.)

If you decide at the end of all this you still want to quit without a plan (do you, girl!), the two most important things here are 1) getting a coach + 2) taking out a loan/credit card

Being able to have the money to invest in your business is crucial + is really hard to do when you’re trying to make ends meet (pay rent, feed yourself, keep the lights on…ya know, just survive). Having a guide through this transition will be worth 10x the investment you make in the long term.

I hope these tips were helpful. I SO wish I had known even a teeny bit of this info when I left my job. But everything happens for a reason, right?!

If you ever have any questions about this or are not sure what to do in your own situation, don’t hesitate to reach out. That’s what I’m here for!

With the biggest hug + lots of love,, 

xo Kendall