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A few weeks ago I hosted a vision board brunch where me and a few other women sat down for an afternoon of arts + crafts. We ate, we drank, we clipped images that resonated with the highest vision of our lives, it was great.

Everyone’s board looked completely different + unique and I was so impressed the creativity + commitment to giving their visions life. 

After the event I received such great feedback that I cannot wait to do it again soon. Opportunities for women to hang out with other like minded women just talking + getting to know one another are far + few between. 

But the #1 question I received after the event was, “What exactly is the Law of Attraction?!”. Duh

I’d gone the whole event thinking everyone already knew this! Just because it’s been drilled into my brain doesn’t mean that’s the case for everyone else. I felt so bad leaving them without a crucial piece of the whole vision board puzzle!

So to make up for it, in some small way, I wanted to explain further what the Law of Attraction actually is + how it works for me. If you’ve recently started exploring the world of energy + the power of positive thinking, welcome. Shit’s about to get weird. If you’ve been in the New Thought game for a while, welcome home

What I’m about to explain is what I know for certain + what is means to me.

Grab a pen, cup of coffee…take a big deep breath. We’re about to get a little trippy.

The Law of Attraction is the magnetic power of the universe that draws similar energies together.

Note that it says “similar” and not just positive energies. 

The Law of Attraction works both ways, positively + negatively. Like attracts like. 

For purposes of this post, I’ll explain a bit more about the Law  + then explain how a vision board is used as a tool with it. 

You may have heard of the books, “The Secret”, Norman Vincent Peale’s (The OG) “The Power of Positive Thinking” and pretty much any new thought author’s latest + greatest. 

These books all have the same principle in common, what you focus on, you will manifest

Manifest: (adj) to display or show by one’s acts or appearance.

In these terms manifest means “bring to life”. 

Many people get frustrated with the Law when they first discover it because they believe if they just focus on a million dollars, they will soon discover they have a million dollars. But the law, and the act of manifesting, is a bit more complicated than that. 

If you focus on that million dollars for, say, five minutes each day but the rest of the day you’re worried about paying off your debt, you’re really manifesting lack (debt) as opposed to abundance (million dollars). 

The Law unites like energies and just because you spent five minutes on a certain outcome you wish to see, doesn’t mean you’ve shifted enough energetically to attract it. 

This is another reason why those who believe they are positive people attract shit situations, because they’re unaware of the energy counteracting their positivity. This happens to everyone, including me. 

You can meditate, read, journal, reflect every morning but if you then go to Starbucks + get snappy with the barista, its syonara to all those good vibes. You’ve essentially canceled yourself out. You’ve benched yourself in the most incredible game of life. 

Now, you’ve gotta start alllll over, refill you’re positivity cup. But then you get to work and your boss does something to piss you off, you turn + eye roll while muttering a snarky comment under your breath, BAM, back to zero. 

The universe is ALWAYS responding. Nothing is by chance. 

Why do you think on your worst days everything just seems to go to shit? You’re coffee spills while you’re trying to scramble to get to a meeting on time, ruining your presentation you were to due present five minutes later. Becauseeeee you’re anxious, stressed energy produced more anxious and stressed energy. (energy = the coffee spillage).

See when it’s in black and white it seems very simple, elementary even. But we get so caught up thinking things are happening TO us instead of BY us and FOR us that we continue toward a downward spiral of victimhood.

Now, lets think of the reverse.

Have you ever found a penny on the floor? Then found five dollars in your pocket only to find another penny, an hour later, glistening at you on the floor. Chances are that first penny made you feel good, your vibrations hiked up a few notches, then you found money in the pocket of the jacket you haven’t worn in months…with compounded interest now you’re feeling pret-ty good. You up-leveled your vibrations again! Enter the second penny. 

This happens all day, every day whether or not you’re aware of it. So it’d be in your best interest to become aware of it so you can orchestrate the life YOU want. 

Now, getting back to the million dollars. When you start to think of money in terms of energy (which is all it really is (time = energy = money) ) a million dollars requires a bit more energy than, say, $5. You can absolutely manifest it, but it will take more effort and all the positive vibes you can muster. 

Another thing I should mention here is that the Law of Attraction is not a genie, these things will not just appear out of thin air. The money will not just wind up in your bank account and a Ferrari will not just appear in your garage. Instead, the Law will put you in alignment with the energies of receiving these things. That means a job opportunity, a real estate investment, monies left for you in a will. The universe will take care of the “how” you just have to open the channels to receive. 

So, how do you do this?

Everyday you start will a full tank of positive vibes. You keep it full by meditating, journaling, reading inspiring shit, thinking good thoughts that make your blood tingle with excitement. You think to yourself how you want your day to look, what experiences you want to experience, what people you want to meet. 

Then you put up your good vibe shield and go out into the world. You let no one, I repeat, NO ONE steal your vibes. They will see them and they will want to take them because you will be beaming like a big fucking ray of sunshine. Shield ON.

Now, you’re driving to work. Someone cuts you off, butttt you resist the urge to respond to their energy. Good vibe tank intact. Check.

You encounter another low-vibe, energy stealing person as you pull into work. They take the parking spot you were patiently waiting for for over five minutes. You have a fleeting thought to flip her off…but you don’t. Because you’re in the business of good vibes and can’t afford to lose even one. 

You repeat this process all day everyday until it becomes so second nature, you’re a millionaire. 

Just kidding about that last part. But totally serious about the first…

This is how you maintain the “like” attracting “like” aspect of the Law of Attraction. If you give good, you’ll only get good. If you give bad, even just a little, it WILL come back to you. Its the Law. Its physics. The universe responds in proportion to what you give.

So now you may be asking where a vision board comes in...

Vision boards provide a physical, tangible tool for us to visually “see” in the real world what we want to manifest. It helps our brains realize these ideas, dreams, goals are already real and exist, we just have to tune into their vibration. 

By looking at a vision board everyday, we prime our brains to focus on these thoughts and vibrations, subconsciously changing our actions + responses to be in alignment with these things. 

A vision board is solely a tool. It will not work if you don’t work it. 

It’s a crucial step in manifesting your dreams because it allows you to get out of your head + take the first step in birthing these ideas into the physical space. 

Wayne Dyer always said, “Believe it and you will see it”. 

This is just the tip of the metaphysical iceberg. If you’re into it + wanna learn more definitely pick up a copy of Norman Vincent Peale’s “Power of Positive Thinking” or Esther Hicks “Ask and It Is Given”, these books are super in-depth and will blow your mind.

If you’re more into baby steps into this new way of thinking, pick up a copy of Jen Sincero’s “You Are a Badass”, she does an awesome job of making this whole idea very digestible and not so “woo-woo”.

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Cheers to manifesting the shit outta your life! 


With a big hug + lots of love, 


Xo Kendall