Better to be Overwhelmed than Underwhelmed


What a month it has been. I feel like I just looked up and it’s already half-way through April. When the f*ck did that happen?!

To be honest, I’ve been a bit distracted from blogging lately and it has been eating me alive. Everything from coaching, to spin, to workshops, there are just so many things I wanna share with you that I don’t know where to start! 

But I always try to remember it's a blessing to be overwhelmed with possibilities than underwhelmed with boredom!

Ok, woah baby, I’ll just start here:

Two weeks ago my friend + I hosted a Blog 101 Workshop intensive. It was so much fun developing the content and getting butts in seats to learn all about how they can take their online game to the next level. It was a workshop that I wish existed back when I launched (my first) website over a year ago. (OH, the many painful webinars it would've saved me from watching.)

I spent hours upon hours listening, reading, watching, learning how to set up a website, how to become an entrepreneur, how to grow a following but what I wasn't doing was just that, doing.

I was stuck in analysis paralysis, thinking if I just read one more article, watched one more youtube video, that something would just click and it would all make sense.

Unfortunately that wasn't the case. And I know I wasn't alone is this stage. Everyone goes through it at some point. But what overwhelmed me wasn't the learning part (clearly, I loved that) but it was the implementation part. 

Through coaching and the courses I've even taken myself, the implementation part is always the hardest, hands down. Getting shit done, on your own, with no deadline, no accountability deems it nearly an impossible task. Shout out to all of those who love/and are good at executing. Its a muscle you can build but damn does it take werrrk. 

The truth is, starting anything new is hard, it’s even harder where you are solely responsible for figuring it ALL out. How to brand, how to market, how to email, how to monetize your value, it’s overwhelming just writing all that, let alone learning it all.

So, Jenna and I decided we’d take everything we learned in the process (she’s a digital marketer by day—also, helped build AND launch my first site) and broke it down, as best we could, into a 4-hour workshop, where you actually, physically do the shit you keep putting off. (Like that About page you've been working on...)

It was intense, exciting, overwhelming but overall so. much. fun.

The women (+ dudes!) that joined us were amazing and so incredibly committed to taking their lives and businesses to the next level.

We had people from all different industries: blogging, academia, real estate, health + nutrition, you name it! It was awesome getting to know them and each of their unique stories.

I’m so happy we’ve created this space to get people up and running armed the tools they need to get started and gain the momentum they've been craving. 

We loved it SOO MUCH we’re doing it again on:

April 29th from 12-4pm at Serendipity Labs in Ridgewood, NJ!

(*If you click here + shoot me an email telling me your interest in coming to the workshop, I have a special gift for you to use when the cart goes live on Saturday!*)

Overall, this month has been flying by in a good way. It makes my heart so full getting up everyday to do what I love + it’s my life’s mission to help you do the same.

What are you getting up for this morning?

Big hugs + lots of love (with more updates to come!)

xo Kendall Marie