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Build. Your. Own. Business.

You know that longing feeling you’ve been having of trying to start something new in your life, but not really sure what? Or, even if you know what, you have no idea on the how?!

One of my favorite topics to coach on is building your own business. There’s something so liberating about knowing how to take your life to the next level and setting our on your own. It’s not easy…in fact, it’s really effin’ hard. But if you’re itching to make a move, or feel like you’re just not where you’re meant to be, starting a busines/blog/brand is sooo worth it. 

Most of the time we make excuses to postpone starting, to convince ourselves it’s not the right time, to settle for average in our everyday lives. But the fact is, there will never be a “right time” (and for that matter you will never "have more time" either) to start anything. 

You’re stuck with the “-itis”, the “I can’t-itis”. Its a terrible disease, and one that plagues most, if not all, of us at some point. “I can’t, I have so much work”, “I can’t, I have two kids, a dog, a husband to take care of” or the best “I can’t because I’m not good with computers” (like, its 2017…are we really still saying this?!).

The fear of pushing past our comfort zones straight into the “I don’t know what I’m doing” atmosphere is a little unnerving, to say the least. 

But I don’t have to tell you any of that, chances are you’ve experienced it or are smack dab in the middle of it right now. 

So, I’m writing this today for you (but really the “me” of last year), the one who is stuck in analysis paralysis, reading every blog post, signing up for every course, trying to learn all the things about blogging and setting up a website only to be missing one crucial detail: Action.

I had no idea when I first set out to start my website what I was going to write about, who I was planning on reaching and what I wanted to accomplish. It left me feeling overwhelmed and stuck, getting me absolutely no where fast.

It wasn’t until I took some time to find my voice, and my ideal reader, that I really began to understand my mission. Without these two steps nailed down, its hard to feel like you’re resonating with anyone (other than your mom).

That’s why, back in March, I grabbed my most trusted tech source (my amazingly talented, super-smart friend Jenna) and we created the Blog 101 Workshop; to help people get into massive action and jump the hardest hurdles together. 

Now, I don’t wanna leave you hanging if you weren’t able to attend the workshop. You can still take massive action and get this sh*t nailed down. 

Below are the exact branding worksheets we used at the workshop to help attendees get super clear on who they’re here to serve in order to help them effectively brand their social media, their blog and their life!

I really recommend printing these out and taking pen to paper. Write all over them, scratch things out, re-write. There are no wrong answers but it will take a few tries to get it right. When it’s right, you’ll feel it. You’ll be inspired and intentional in your action.

Fill them out and let me know what you think. Have a question?! Shoot me an email! I’m happy to answer anything to help you take your life one step further.

Big hugs + lots of love, 

xo Kendall Marie