The Subtle Art of Not Giving Up

In the beginning of the year I wrote about how consistency was my “word of the year”. It’s something I struggle with regularly because I have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to my own work. A zillion ideas racing through my mind with only limited power to make them all happen at once. 

Now, in my previous post, I explained how I lost momentum + consistency earlier in the year and why I’m fighting so hard to gain it back. 

The struggle is oh so real

Consistency + persisten(cy?!) are the keys that unlock all your greatest dreams. It seems simple, but if it were, why isn’t everyone doing what they want in life?!

Well, the idea may seem simple, but the act is far more daunting. Being consistent in the beginning stages of anything is the most telling sign of who really wants it and who doesn’t. Whether it be working out, learning new language,  or starting a business, we all have those days when even though we want to birth something into this world, we can’t even summon so much as ten minutes to sit down and write or do or create. 

I talk about Resistance a lot because for me, it shows up every. single. day. Like a stalker, following me around, who I don’t wanna acknowledge. Every day, lurking behind the scenes, inciting guilt + disappointment. 

But all it takes is one decision to get back into it. It takes only 30 seconds of deciding to start it that puts you back in the saddle. 

So here I am, showing up in the pursuit of becoming consistent in my work (again…). 

Focusing on my business only 50% of the time has not and will not ever allow me to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself or help those I truly want to reach. Sure, I’m still able to coach, and I've have had the opportunity to work with incredible young women trying to change the game, but what about all those other badass boss-babes that I’ve yet to meet?!

No one benefit’s by you playing small. The world needs your gifts, your creativity, YOUR mind. If the real reason you’re having a hard time staying consistent is because you feel someone has already said and done what you want to say + do, this post is for you. 

I’m right there with ya. 

But truth, as we all know it to be, is that there is room for everyone. Every opinion, every outfit, every recipe, every lifestyle tip. The more the better. 

We all need what you’ve got. 

So, I’m writing this post as much to you as I am to myself, to remind ourselves that what we have is unique. No. Matter. What. 

So today, show up for your self in a big way. Wear that red lipstick, post that selfie and get on with your bad self. 

Consistency is a muscle that needs to flexed over and over and over and over. It never gets easier. The resistance will always persist. But just know, that the split second of courage it takes to start again is all you need. 

Let’s show up today for our future selves. For the us ten years from now vacationing off the coast of Italy without a care in the world sitting atop the empire we’ve built just by being uniquely ourselves. 

See you in Amalfi.