3 Tricks to Cure Imposter Syndrome

In the coaching and entrepreneurial world we hear a lot about “imposter syndrome”. This feeling that we’re going through our lives + businesses just waiting to be caught or “found out” that we don't actually know what we're doing...this idea that we are not really who we say we are or what we believe in. 

We never believe we’re ready to call ourselves by our real names/jobs/passions because we are constantly saying “who am I to be this person?!”. 

This happens to me a lot. And, over the course of the last year of growing my business, this feeling grew bigger and bigger. But I know I’m not alone. 

One of the biggest roadblocks I hear about when I talk to other entrepreneurs, bloggers, writers, side-hustlers, etc., is their constant disbelief that they are what it says on their business card. All of these beautiful humans are highly skilled individuals that are trying to leave their mark on the world doing what they do best, yet why don’t they believe they’re allowed to do it?

I believe we’ve become so dependent on college degrees and certifications to validate our skills and contributions in the world that we’ve completely overlooked the inherent talents in each of us. We forget to realize that we each have gifts that make us great at one thing over another and we forget that these skills are not there by accident. 

When I discovered coaching, launched my website + started my own business, I was so sure of my skills. I knew this was what I was put on this earth to do. Every fiber in my body agreed in unison for the first time in my life. I didn't worry about getting certified nor did I second-guess my ability to hold a space for people to open up to me in ways they never have.

I was confident. 

So how could this imposter syndrome all of the sudden show up to completely sabotage my success?


I started to give a fuck. 

Too many fucks, actually. Straight off my high of figuring out my life’s purpose, setting up my website, creating programs that I had gone through myself that I knew would work for any other client, talking to clients for free and seeing breakthroughs first hand, I found myself back in my ego brain. 

I began questioning what type of credentials I had when people would ask me if I was certified or if I had gone through a program. The answers to both were YES! I HAD gone through a coaching program, and not just one, but THREE, and I was a certified spiritual coach through Gabby Bernstein's Spirit Junkie Masterclass.

So how could I still feel unqualified?

When we let the opinions and judgments of others (who, by the way, have no idea what the fuck we're doing) filter through our bubble, we pretty much hand over the keys to our mental car. 

“Here, I don’t need these. I have no idea what I’m doing. Why don’t you drive?”

It’s easy for us to retreat into our ego and add to the story of not being good enough.

It’s safe, its comfortable, it lets us walk away from the responsibility of pursuing our passions. 

How many times have you wanted to change careers, take a selfie or wear a thong-fucking-bikini and thought, “nah, I better not. Who knows what people will say……………….”

HI. HAND RAISED. (especially on that thong bikini part). 

We are all too concerned with the wrong people judging us, and we put wayyyy to much validity in their opinions. But the reality is, those who actually matter, those who know what’s up, would never judge you for going after your dreams. The people you fear judgement from are the ones letting life pass them by, wishing they had the nerve to do what you’re doing. These people waste their precious time on this rock floating through space acknowledging their inner dreams in others, and it scares the shit out of them. 

So, to all my fellow entrepreneurs + hustlers, I see you. I feel you. We are in this together. 

Wanna get back on track + in the driver seat of your life? These three things are key to keeping imposter syndrome at bay.

  1. Always be Moving (forward). This is by far the most crucial piece to combatting imposter syndrome daily. The action of taking action keeps us motivated + productive. When we are in the flow of taking action we are constantly seeing ourselves move in the direction of our dreams. When we see this shift first hand we become more confident in our skills + what we have to bring to the table. If you're stuck in a constant state of self-doubt, do one thing today that completely terrifies you + moves your needle forward just a bit.
  2. Community. Working in a vacuum does little for your productivity + nothing for your mental state. Find your tribe. Experience face to face time with people who are in a similar place as you. Making connections like these help you realize you are not alone (I know, so cliche) and the more you get out there and tell the world what your doing, the quicker you'll believe it. 
  3. Affirmations. Setting aside three measly minutes every day to give yourself the best damn pep talk is crucial. You might think repeating out loud daily, "I am a BOSS, I am qualified, I am empowered" sounds woo-woo but I dare you try it for a week + let me know how it goes. (Disclaimer: *side-effects include believing in yourself so much you create massive success in a short time*)

Know that you are not here by accident, the light you are bringing to the world in whatever industry you’re in is NEEDED. You are qualified, you are committed (even on days when you binge watch Netflix because your brain is fried), and you deserve this space. 

Imposters no more. We are the real deal.


xo, Kendall