Babes, Biz + Bubbly Recap + Why Connection is Key

Last week I hosted an event called, “Babes, Biz + Bubbly” and it was a HUGE success. 

In the past, I’ve done workshops around goal coaching, vision boarding + habit changing but never an event like this! What was so unique + different about this one was that it focused on community + getting to know each other more intimately. While goal setting, vision boarding + creating habits are all extremely important, there’s nothing that can replace the magic of gathering together in community to support each other in our lives + businesses.

We chatted up, sipped rosé + got to know 17 other boss babes at the CUTEST cafe in Bergen County, Alt Eats Cafe (@alteatscafe). Some women were still figuring out what they wanted to pursue, others had recently launch their own blogs + some own their own small businesses. It was the most amazing group of women I’ve been around in a long time!

Babes, Biz + Bubbly group shot.JPG

Everyone loved the idea of having the opportunity to go out and swap stories, share their dreams + have people to speak to who truly get it. We talked about fear + how it sabotages our growth and keeps us from living our best lives. We talked with Ashlee Klienschmidt, owner of MUAH Make Up and Lash studio here in Westwood, about trusting your gut, standing up for what you want + how growing a business is challenging but SO rewarding. 

After the event these babes shared how refreshing it was to be around other women who were so supportive + encouraging and really getting the chance to get to know them.

And that, my friends, is exactly why I wanted to create this type of event. What I know for sure is that in-person community + connection is still, and always will be, extremely important and we have a craving for wayyyy more of it.

We are communal beings by nature + working alone, in a vacuum, serves no one. Women especially need + thrive with a sense of community + belonging. 

Typically, with events like these, people are apprehensive to put themselves out there. I feel you! Usually being an entrepreneur you may not have many people who “get” what you’re trying to do. It feels isolating + lonely. Going to events like these are exactly what you’re looking for, except, wait…”am I gonna go alone?!”. Ahhh. #FEAR again. 

Yes, you may head to the event solo...but you will be far from alone. A handful of the women who attended BB+B came on their own + left with 16 new friends! How f*cking amazing is that!?

Everyone has been uncomfortable at one point or another heading into a social setting alone, but what they leave with is well worth their effort. Hell, I didn’t know most of these women either! The point is, we were all in the same boat, looking for connection + community and I thinkkkk we found it. 

If you’ve been wanting to get out there + meet local babes in your area more don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you. You may meet your new best friend or potential business partner! The possibilities are endless. 

What happens when groups of women come together is so powerful. Don’t miss out!

If you’re looking for more real-life connection + community here are some ways you can go about doing so:

    •    Take a group fitness class or join a gym
    •    Find a local networking group (Facebook, Meetup, Google events in your area)
    •    Bring a friend with you for moral support
    •    Big brand conferences like Create + Cultivate or Simply Styled, to name a few
    •    And, if it doesn’t exist, build it! Create your own group!

If you’re in the area, join our new Facebook group (click here —>) Bergen County Boss Babe Network and be on the lookout for future meetups/events/parties.

How are you planning on connecting with people this month? Let me know in the comments! And if you have any questions, shoot me an email here. I’d love to find out what’s happening in your area!


Get out there, girl!

xo Kendall