Nutrition School + Listening to the Universe ✨

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Over the past few years on this journey to entrepreneurship, I've learned to rely heavily on signs + gut feelings.

When you don't have a boss guiding you or directing your next steps, you get to a point where you're almost willing to listen to a monkey's suggestion than have to make yet another decision on your own. 🙄

Where our food comes from + nutrition has been an interest of mine since I was 19, ever since I watched an episode of the Oprah show (remember those, everyday at 4:00pm?! 🙄😩😍) where she interviewed Robert Kenner of the documentary Food Inc.

I don't know what it was, but after watching that episode (without even seeing the whole documentary😳) my life was forever changed. Since then, I've been on a road to uncovering all that we've been taught to know about food and how we can do better.

But, I never consider nutrition a "passion" of mine. I thought I had a general interest much like everyone else does about food + what they eat, but as I worked with other young woman + helped them uncover their passions...I quickly realized I was not acknowledging my own.

So I started listening + decided to set a goal for my life that at some point I would pursue nutrition if not as a career, for my own health and well-being. 

Little did I know what I was welcoming into my life now that I had opened up to the idea. It was as if I had become a magnet for IIN. Meeting with potential clients who had gone through the program, to coworkers who I had known for months + learned they, too, were graduates of the program, to even someone sharing with me that she had gotten this message to tell me I'm supposed to go back to school for nutrition.

It was like I was stuck in the twilight zone. Has that ever happened to you?! And you start to look around for the camera crew + big lights?!! Yea?! So with a lot of surrendering, meditating + asking the universe to guide me, the stars aligned + hereeee I am!

What drew me to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition was their belief that life is wayyyyy more than just "you are what you eat". Yes, that's a pretty big part of it, but it doesn't tell the whole story. This is what I felt was lacking with the traditional route of becoming a Nutritionist. Most nutrition programs in colleges and universities offer the science behind nutrition and explain how calories work and what a carbohydrate is. For some people, that's exactly what they're looking for!

For me, my experience with life, food + relationships has helped me understand there is a much bigger picture at play. Your total health is effected by the state of your mind, body AND spirit and it's something I speak about often and feel extremely passionate about sharing!

In a year from now I will be a certified Holistic Health Coach! I'm so excited for this program to start and to learn + share with you as I go! I can't wait to learn more techniques to grow as a coach, a woman + a human. 

With that, starting next week, I will be bringing you #WELLNESSWEDNESDAY as my way of sharing more of my love of wellness + what I've been learning! Each Wednesday will be a blog post on a different wellness topic + little ways to help improve the state of your mind, body + spirit. I can't wait!

So now, tell me, is there something you've been going back + forth on? Something you've wanted to pursue but was uneasy about making a big decision?! Whatever it is, here is your final sign.

You have permission to go do it.

You have all that you need, exactly where you are. amazing does that feel?!

The universe is weird, huh...