Become Mind-less with Meditation

Well, HELLO THERE! Welcome to #WellnessWednesday where every Wednesday I'll be dishing out some wellness goodness to help us live out our best lives! You in?! This week I'm talking meditation and how I finally realized it's importance + necessity in my life!

I’ve barely scratched the surface of the first module of Institute of Integrative Nurtirion (IIN) and I’ve already learned so effing much. What I’ve been loving so far is the background they give on the importance of health not only in the sense of the food you eat but how it connects to the job you have, the relationships you are in and the overall “wellness” of your life. From there food is almost secondary. Makes total sense when you think about it. Right?! Like, duh 🙄.

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In some of the first videos, the instructors (who are amazingly talented doctors, physicians + holistic health practitioners) talk a lot about "breathe work" and the significant meditation has on your overall health.

So, I wanted to start this #WellnessWednesday post with something  a little more fundamental to wellness. Do you meditate? If so, how do you think it's helped you life?! Or, have you tried meditating, but you're almost positive it's just not for you?!  I wanted to talk about this because I meet people all the time who tell me how much they want to give it a try but already “know” they won’t be good at it. 

Well, I’m here to tell won’t be. At least at first. No one is (just like a spin class 😂). Depending on which way you look at it, I suck at meditating too. But THAT is the point. The fact you are in it to know you’re not all that good at it means you’re doing it right. 

After all, it’s a practice. You weren’t good at putting on eyeliner the first time but you kept at it! You were a terrible kisser in high school but you honed those skills and now look at you! You never once said, “yea, this is just not for me”. The point is, no one is just *good* at anything the first time. You have to keep trying. 

I realize when people hear the word “mediation” many varying thoughts come to mind. Some think of sitting on the floor chanting to some Yogi Bhajan led Kundalini meditation or some think of sitting in silence for hours on end. And while technically both of these types are considered meditation, that would be like going from the little leagues to the world series overnight; you’d be vastly unprepared and completely overwhelmed. You’d pee in your pinstripes. 

Now, for me, I’ve chanted, I’ve swayed, I’ve stretched my hands up to the sky white singing in sanskrit (did I mention I was a #spiritjunkie?!) and I have to say...don’t knock it till you try it. As most of us we’re raised with some type of formal religion, there is absolutely no difference between singing in church and “chanting” in meditation. You might feel a little uncomfortable but that’s only because we don’t call it chanting at church and singing in meditation, but anyway you slice it, the shit’s still the same. 

But if all that isn’t for you just yet (or ever!) you can still reap the massive benefits of meditation right in your own room/home/car/closet. For less than five minutes a day you can be on your way to laser focus, exponential productivity and overall calmer outlook for the days ahead. 

Thoughts will come in and out of your mind and that’s ok! The idea of shutting off your mind is the end goal. It takes quite a while to get there so have patience and compassion for yourself, damnit!

When clients are interested in meditation, the best way I show them how to start goes like this:

  1. Take one week and start with 1 minute.
  2. Add 1 minute to each day until you reach five minutes. By the end of that week the benefits of meditating can already be felt and they’re excited to see where this keeps going. 
  3. From here, meditate for only five minutes each day for the following week.
  4. By the third week, begin to add 1 minute to each day until you reach 10 minutes

That's it! Simple but effective.

You can meditate for as long as you damn well please! I recommend at least 10 minutes a day once you get comfortable, using a guided meditation app like Headspace!

I’ve been using this app recently and love how they have an option for nearly everything! Themed guided meditations for love, relationships and goals, all the way to complete silence. Every time increment you could want is available and it allows you to set goals to keep track of your meditations!

If you struggle with patience, lack of focus, overwhelming stress or anxieties, or just wanna feel like a bright fucking light everyday...meditation is for you!

So what do you think!? Open to proving yourself wrong and that you CAN actually do it?! I bet you’ll shock yourself. Remember, it’s called a meditation ‘practice’ for a reason.

Download Headspace right now and after reading this post try out your first minute!

DM over on insta or comment below if you + let me know what you think!



Hugs + High Vibes, 

Xo Kendall