Top 3 Favorite Podcasts + Books of the Summer


HAPPY SEPTEMBER! WOW. I can't believe we're here again. Every year it seems like the summer's come and go just as we get into the swing of things. I can't lie though, this summer was an amazing one. The laughs, the tears, the growth, the memories, the beach, the heat, everything was perfect. So here's to hoping summer sticks around until Halloween, yea?

I've said this before in a post but I'll say it again, September is the real new year. This is when change happens. I've got a lot that's changing, growing + evolving this month and I can't wait to share it all with you! 

In the meantime, I thought I'd try something a little different and give you a round up of what I've been listening to and reading over these past few months. Some of my favorite podcasts + books that have helped me grow and learn (and entertain) all throughout summer.

Let me know what you've been listening to and reading below! This community is amazing and I get so many good recommendations from you through instagram that I thought I'd return the favor!

Here we go!


1.    Mind Body Green
These podcasts are usually pretty concise in length and cover topics from all sorts of industry leaders like the CEO of Whole Foods to Melissa Hartwig of Whole30. They are the perfect length to listen to on a short car ride or to have on while you’re cleaning/running errands. Jason Wachob, founder + CEO of MBG, author of “Wellth” (have you read it!?) and host of the podcast, does an excellent job of asking interesting and thought provoking questions. Everything from astrology to women’s health to fashion, you name it, they’ve got it. 

Must-listen list: John Mackey, Whole Foods CEO; Melissa Hartwig, Founder of Whole30; Dr. Aviva Romm on thyroid health + midwifery (veryyyyy interesting I tell ya…)

2.    The Skinny Confidential

I’ve been following along with Lauryn Evarts and her blog for a few years now. She’s probably the only real “blogger” I follow on a regular basis. She’s super smart + knows her shit. I also had the pleasure of hearing her speak this past May at the Create + Cultivate conference in NYC, and let me tell you...this girl is just getting started. She was the only blogger/speaker that offered *real*, concrete advice.

Don’t let her California cool vibe throw you off, she’s in this for the long game. From business tips to wellness hacks to dating advice, she’s got a pulse on it all. Some of her stuff may be a little out there but I appreciate her volunteering to be the guinea pig for the rest of us. This podcast is recorded with her now husband, Michael, who adds really good business insights and humor to the show.

Must-listen list: Be Well By Kelly on Nutrition; Tony Robbins on having an extraordinary quality of Life; Ali Webb, founder + creator of Dry Bar. 

3. The Melissa Abrosini Show
Melissa is the best-selling author of “Mastering your Mean Girl” and started her podcast at the beginning of this year. Her topics range from everything including gut health + nutrition to money, sex + habits of happiness. She has amazing thought leaders on her show regularly, like Jack Canfield (who created Chicken Soup for the Soul) and Danielle LaPorte. I’ve learned so much about my health and overall well-being from listening to her podcasts. They’re usually just over an hour and make a long car ride go by pretty quickly!

Must-listen list: How to Succeed at Life with Jack Canfield; The Pill, Periods and Fertility with Dr. Nat Kringoudis; Daily Habits to Make You Happier with Gretchen Rubin.

These are my first “go-to” podcasts when I hop in the car, clean or fold laundry, or do any other mindless task. I love to read but there’s just something about listening that makes the information stick to your brain like white rice.

A few more podcasts I have in rotation are:

  • Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey; founder, creator of the Bulletproof diet, hello bulletproof coffee). Must listen: On Women’s Health with Dr. Jolene Brighten.
  • Pursue with Purpose with Melyssa Griffin; online marketing maven + business guru, she shares tips + tricks on how to grow and scale any business. Must listen: What if its DOES work out? How to create a successful side hustle and life.
  • The Influencer Podcast with Juls Solomon on all things marketing, blogging, influence and entrepreneurship. How to Market Yourself for free and Defining the Micro Influencer with Kirbie Johnson.
  • The Marie Forleo Podcast; these are GREAT because she has turned her award winning online show into this format so you can listen to all her content via podcasts now! Must listen: Seth Godin Thinks You Should Stop Waiting for the Right Moment.
  • The Joe Rogan Experience; my love for Joe Rogan runs deep. His viewpoints on things are just so damn practical and the delivery of it is just so freggin’ funny. Warning, these podcasts average about three hours long! Must listen: #968 Kelly Brogan.

Honorable mentions: The Tim Ferriss Show, Ask GaryVee, GirlBoss Radio

WOW! I didn’t even realize I listened to this many podcasts. I tried to narrow them down but I really do feel like each one brings something else to the table. What are some of you fav podcasts? Let me know on insta or in the comments below!

Now, for my first love: Books! 


I recently just finished Kelly Brogan’s book, “A Mind of Your Own”, Bill O’Reilly’s “Killing Kennedy” (LOVE conspiracy theories + JFK) and Mark Manson’s, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”.

First, let me say, if there ever was a book that I believe is currently changing my life in the biggest way I’ve ever experienced, it’s Kelly Brogan’s book. There’s definitely a bigger blog post here for this but this book should be REQUIRED reading for all women. Guys, errr girls?!, let me tell you, if you were/are/am anything like me, a birth control taking twenty-something, we know nothing, nothing, about our bodies and how they should function.

This book made me feel like I was in health class in fifth grade all over again. We’re all pretty much walking around like zombies and I could talk about this for another four hours (my friends can vouch for it so I will spare you) but if diving into this book doesn’t sound enticing just yet, start with either Joe Rogan’s Podcast I mentioned above with her as a guest or Marie Forleo’s MarieTV episode, in podcast format (much shorter than the Joe Rogan interview) and see what you think. I can almost nearly 110% guarantee that your mind will. Be. Blown. We can chat for hours about it after if you want! HA!

On another note, the “Killing” series by Bill O’Reilly is really interesting if you love American History (hi! Yes, me!) you’ll love how easy this book is to digest. I read “Killing Lincoln” first and now after finishing “Killing Kennedy” it’s amazing how the two held such parallel lives (and deaths!). Now, I know this book doesn’t fall into my usual wheelhouse of self-development/wellness reading, but sometimes the mind needs to think in different ways, explore different stories. If you’re a lover of Kennedy and/or a good conspiracy theory, this book gives you the best foundation to rest your conspiring little mind. 

Then, finally, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” was perfect. To be completely honest, I didn’t LOVE this book like most others did. I’m not sure why really but I did love the message. The book is funny, well-written and definitely worth a read. I think I read it too soon after another self-development book and I was getting redundant in my reading. HA!

Either way, this book reiterates how ridiculous it is that we care what people think. We give wayyy too many fucks about the wrong things, like looking like an idiot (um, we’re all idiots), pissing someone off for not people pleasing and not living our truth because of what people will say. This book is why I no longer care about looking like a fool in my instastories (btw, thank you to everyone who says they get a kick out of watching them because it makes me feel like I’m not actually THAT alone talking to my phone, by myself. LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!). Not only that but it’s helped in my coaching, both on and off the bike, helped me see the bigger picture in every situation and influences every decision I now make. Zero fucks given. 

So, now I need to know what you’re reading!? I’m still working on rotating fiction into my library and even started a book club with a couple of friends (who have convinced me to read “My Husband’s Secret”, ah!). I really do think it’s important to read a bit of both. Many of us cater to one side, either loving or hating one or the other so I’m gonna learn to love me some fiction!

Maybe we should start a book club too?! Thoughts?! Leave a comment under this post on my instagram if you’re in!

Big hug + so much love!

Xo Kendall