How to Master your Momentum

Last week, while I was watching the Super Bowl, it got me thinking of just how *real* momentum actually is. 

According to its definition, momentum is:
1. the quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity.
2. the impetus gained by a moving object

The first definition gives me nightmarish flashbacks to my high school physics class (which I bombed by the way…), so we’re just gonna focus on the latter. 

“The impetus (motivation, propulsion, stimulus…) gained by a moving object…” is what shifted during the Super Bowl last week, ultimately leading to a Patriots victory. 

It what shifted during Super Bowl XLVII (47), when the lights went out after the half at Candlestick Park (<—by the way, has anyone thought about the irony of the lights going out at a stadium called Candlestick Park? No? Anyone? …Buehler?!) 

Momentum shifts happen All. The. Time., not just during the Super Bowl, but also in real life. What I’m talking about here has very little to do with last week's big game + everything to do with life. The thing is, it’s easiest to see + experience momentum shifts during sporting events, especially ones that involve a national champion. It's easy to spot momentum during these events + usually takes one or two plays to watch a team completely shift + change the whole damn game. 

Anybody watching Super Bowl 51 experienced someone operating in an exceptional state of flow. Everything just “clicked”. We’ve all experienced this at one time or another, but we often GOT stumped on how to get back “there”. We think the flow (the momentum) we experience is by chance…but that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Momentum, as I’ve come to know it, is the result of consistent effort persisting over time regardless of initial outcome. Jesus that sounds like a Webster definition. 

consistent effort + time = momentum 

momentum + its manifestation = law of attraction

Momentum is used in every aspect of manifestation + law of attraction. Action begets action. And when we continue to show up, day in + day out, we begin to feel this force pushing us along. That is momentum. That is where the magic happens. 

I’m always talking about manifesting my dreams + desires into life. The law of attraction is my go-to secret weapon. I used to be so good at it that it was scary. People would tell me I was “lucky” + that I didn’t have to try hard to get what I wanted. But, I knew better. I knew that I was in complete control of all the things that came to me. 

As the years went by + life got a little harder, I seemed to lose my “touch”. I couldn’t co-create like I once could + I was stuck in a state of “manifesting” but with limiting beliefs + zero action. And since momentum is what happens when you show up with consistent effort (action) over time, I was missing a very crucial piece of the puzzle.

SO, if you find yourself in a state of “stuck”, where you can’t seem to get things to go you way, I challenge you, for the rest of the week, to show up. Somehow, someway. 

Here are some tips on getting you into Tom Brady flow…

...steps to finding momentum + manifesting your dreams:

  1. Intention. You’ve gotta know what you’re working’ towards. What is it you intend to accomplish? Intend to experience? Once you’ve got a clear picture of what you want, the universe will get the memo + it will be
  2. Just start. Start small. Show up in little ways to build a habit of showing up. We get overwhelmed when we see a big task or goal in front of us + it stops us dead in our tracks. This time show up for 20, 30 even 45 minutes a day. See what happens.
  3. Stick it out. Once you’ve hit your stride, don’t give up. Don’t let up the reins for one second. It might get tough but showing up in this way each day sends a clear message to the universe that you are ready for what they’ve got! Don’t let yourself down. Don’t let your ego win. 
  4. Gratitude. Now, generally gratitude should come above + before all else but we’ll let it slide this time. When you find yourself showing up, operating at a higher level + creating powerful energy around what you want, gratitude will expedite getting what you want ten fold. A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.

There’s no magic spell I can write to make you do anything you don’t decide to do on your own. 

So right here, right now, decide.

What do you want? What are you gonna show up for? How will you start? Can you start right now? Like, right now. Map it out on a piece of paper. Make a powerpoint. Can you take the next 20 minutes + do that thing you’ve been putting off for so long? The thing you keep making excuses for as to why you can’t do it. 

You know you are more capable + smarter than half the people that are already doing what you wanna do. The difference is they just started.

With a big hug +  lots of love, 

xo Kendall

P.S. If this is something you’ve been struggling with + need some guidance + support around…shoot me an email. I’d be happy to work through it with you - no strings attached.