Build Your Brand Bootcamp

The one-stop-shop to get your website launched, find your voice + build your brand.


HEY GIRL, I know starting your website has been in the back of your mind for a while now. Every time you find the inspiration + motivation to go for it you open up your laptop and go, "Where the hell do I start?!". 

I get it. 

It can be so overwhelming to figure out how to start something new. You've read the blog posts, watched the YouTube tutorials but it still isn't enough. You're juggling working full-time while trying to set up your side-hustle, you don't have time to waste figuring it all out. 

I remember the feeling all too well. The hours I spent in front of the computer trying to understand domain names, web hosts and how the f*ck to upload content. It was so overwhelming that I would give it up for weeks at a time. 

For starters, I felt...

  • overwhelmed + burnt out from trying to figure it out on my own 
  • that maybe I wasn't cut out for "blogging" + that I didn't have the dedication it takes
  • like an imposter, constantly looking at other bloggers, coaches + small businesses already doing it wondering why I couldn't figure it out

These feeling of defeat kept me from launching into my passion the way I wanted to, I'm sure you can relate.

The process became so drawn out + I wasted too much time that could've been spent creating + making money.

I want you to know, it doesn't have to be that hard. You don't have to do it alone + spend hours on end with your head spinning + brain fry.


Trust me, you have what it takes to start a blog, business + website. The world needs your magic.

So tell me, was launching your site one of your 2017 goals? And now are you mildly freaking out that 2018 is well under way yet you haven't even bought a domain?

What if I told you there's a way for you to get your blog up + running in one day, would you believe me?!

Through my own trial + errors I've been able to streamline the launch process + give you the tools through which to build your foundation and brand.

Your tribe of loyal readers + customers are already out there waiting for you to show what's stopping you?!


After this program you'll walk away with:

  • a fully launched + live website

  • knowing how to create content for your ideal audience

  • authentically engage on social media + grow your following

  • be able to navigate your Squarespace site with ease

  • have a fully functioning platform to launch your brand + business


What to expect:

  • to launch your very own Squarespace site

  • publish your 'About' page + 3 pieces of content

  • narrow down your ideal reader

  • establish your branding aesthetic

  • cultivate your online 'voice'

  • strategies to brand your social channels



Before the workshop you will have set up your Squarespace account, have gained clarity around your branding aesthetic + have researched your ideal reader. This will help lay the ground work for the rest of our time together!


Find your voice, nail your niche. Together well dive deep into finding the voice that best suit you + your brand. This will establish how you communicate, what tone of voice you use and who your ideal reader is so you can speak to them directly. 

About me. Your about page is usually the most visited page on your site. It helps readers connect with you and bring life to you website. Think of a time you went to someone's website only to be disappointed when they didn't have an 'About' section. We'll make sure your 'About' page helps connect you to your audience in an authentic + meaningful way.

Become a content machine. Creating content is often one of the hardest part of blogging. We have all these ideas but can never get them organized enough to execute them. I will walk you through a fool-proof system of creating content for months at a time. During our time together you will create three pieces of content to upload to your site as a jump-start. Aside from that you will have a content calendar for the next 90 days.

Branding your social channels. We all know Instagram is one of the most powerful tools as a blogger. The platform helps you connect tot your audience, gain feedback + establish yourself as an expert. 


So, what's it like to work with me?! Let's see what some people are saying...

"With Kendall, I not only launched my fashion blog but mapped out ways to create a business! She has given me the tools and confidence I needed get my brand started!"
- Krista B.,
"Working with Kendall was the best decision I made when starting my blog. Starting a blog by yourself is a very overwhelming process and Kendall helped me identify how to go about creating it!"
- Nora C.,
"Kendall took the time to understand my dreams and goals. Within hours, we had a plan of action and she provided me with the foundation for growth and success as I embarked on this new journey. She has been a constant resource and exhibits a genuine interest in my life and progress. Her sense of humor, wisdom and consistently positive vibes are a wonderful model for anyone!"
- Noelle C.,



When: Saturday, April 28th 12-4pm

Where: Serendipity Labs, 45 N Broad St Ridgewood, NJ


Hey there! I'm Kendall, a Lifestyle + Wellness coach helping women up level their business, life + health! After leaving corporate America to pursue a TV Hosting career, I discovered my true passion was helping other women step out of their comfort zones + take life by the reins.

Whether it be instructing indoor cycling classes or working with clients 1 on 1, I love nothing more than seeing women breakthrough to become their best selves + step into their true power. 

I was once someone who felt stuck, overwhelmed, unmotivated + longed for a more meaningful life. Since leaving a cushy job in corporate sales I've spent the last three years growing a brand + business. Through trial + error and countless programs (Marie Forleo's BSCHOOL, Gabby Bernstein's Spirit Junkie Masterclass, Grace Lever's The Workshop Project, Lexi D'Angelo's The Biz Spark to name a few!) I learned all the tricks but had no content to use them with or a website to share them on. For me, the hardest part was just getting up + running. 

I know what it feels like to have a dream + jumping that first hurdle into making it a reality. Now I help clients breakthrough roadblocks, create major mindset shifts + create a life that's aligned with their strengths + passions. Forever a student myself, I'm currently enrolled at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to get my certification in Holistic Health Coaching.

You don't have to do it alone. We can do it together (and maybe even over a glass of rosé!).

How's that sound?!

Xx Kendall