Half Day Intensive - Soul Search + Clarity Call

This is for the chica who needs juuust a little more clarity on all these ideas circling in her head. You are ready to take matters into you're own hands so that you can take charge of your future + start working for your own dreams butttt need a little help navigating through all the BS. After our 4-Hour session you'll be confident in the direction you are headed + know the first steps on how to actually get there.

In Person / FaceTime / Skype Session

  • Complimentary 30 minute pre-session call to get to know you + your dreams + desires

    • We'll go over all of your strengths, skills + aspirations + lay the ground work for our follow up intensive call so we can hit the ground running during our 4 hour session!
  • Goal Setting - Getting clear on your BIG PICTURE VISION

    • This is the first step in getting down to business. We'll get crystal clear on your desired dream lifestyle so that together we can make sure the action steps developed inside this session will set you up on the road to success!
    • Together we'll outline SMART goals - we do this by working back from your BIG PICTURE vision + incorporating personal, health + career goals.
  • Development of Biz Strategy/Plan of Action

    • Here we will address any themes that come up. Whether you are unsure if you want to start a business or you don't know what your passions are. We'll brainstorm ideas on how to turn your strengths into a profitable business or side hustle.
    • From there, I will walk you through the next three steps to take in order to make this dream a reality so that you know EXACTLY how to move forward when the session ends.
    • Think of it as an instructional guide to your desired life! No more guess work. Just results.
  • 30-Minute One Month Follow Up Call

    • From our 3-hour deep dive call, you will have a road map to get you closer to making your dreams a reality so you start shining your bright, beautiful light in the world!
      • One of the hardest parts in the entrepreneurial process is being your own boss + keeping yourself accountable. We're more likely to give up, give in + let ourselves down than someone else. I know this to be true in my own life + have experienced first hand how quickly you can get down on yourself + start falling off course. This is why I feel accountability is a key component in getting sh*t done + one of the most important aspects in these programs.
    • One month after our call I will follow up with you. We'll chat about any roadblocks or challenges that may have come up so that you will know exactly how to jump back on track or what steps to take to keep moving forward!



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