You desire to live your life according you + in line with what sets your soul on fire.

You wanna wake up in the morning, fired up + ready to take on the day so you can start to make your mark in this world. You know there is more to this life available to you--but how do you find it? Where + with who?

Ask yourself this: What's stopping you from going after your dream life? Is it overwhelming to think about where to begin? Are you worried what others might say? If these types of questions swirl around in your mind on the daily, you are not alone.

As twenty-something women we're constantly being pulled in a million different directions doing, being, saying what we think is "right" or what we "think" others want us to do.   So right here, right now, I'm giving you full permission to let that shit go. It's time for you to do YOU.

 You are fierce + know deep, deep down you can live the life of your dreams. The first step is believing you can...andddd if you've made it this far, it looks to me like you're already halfway there.

You know you are capable of totally rockin' out in your life, business or side-hustle.

Life doesn't have to be a struggle financially, emotionally or even romantically! The choice is always yours. You crave a massive shift in your life so that you guarantee next year will be wayyy different than last year.

Don't get me wrong, I get it! You've got a great head on your shoulders + the passion in your heart to get you there. Butttt you feel overwhelmed when it comes to taking action + getting shit done. You know the fire's in you but it burns out quick!  I've been there, I see you...hell, I was you. You don't want to quit on your dreams but you're tired of hitting brick walls + not knowing where to turn. You need a blueprint. A map. A strategy + you need someone to make sure you don't fall of track.

You want to hit your goals + have a damn good time doing it.

Accountability is the name of the game. You know you can accomplish anything in 3 months with the right tools + support so you can be well on your way to becoming a total #bossbabe.

You are not here by accident + trust the feelings in your heart. They will never steer you wrong.

  • Complimentary 30 minute pre-session call
  • 2 Hour Soul Search + Clarity Call - a Deep Dive Strategy Session into what you are expecting to accomplish in this next quarter
  • 11 x 1 Hour calls (1 call per week)
    • Each session we will celebrate your wins + find detours around roadblocks that may come up. I will ask you to fill out a pre-session form before each session so I can better focus our energy in the call each week + know where you are kickin' some ass! Your time inside the sessions is valuable + by filling out a pre-session form we can hit the ground running each week + keep momentum going!
    • Weekly calls help keep you accountable so you can start crushing your goals. You will experience so many wins within this month you will start to feel a sense of relief + overwhelming accomplishment. Being your own boss is HARD! It sometimes makes you feel like you are all alone in this journey. But with weekly check-ins + strategy sessions you will celebrating big wins before you know it!
  • Strategic Accountability + Check-ins on weekly goals
    • I'm here for you in everyway possible. You are not doing this alone. If something comes up outside of our calls, you can rest easy I've got your back. Don't hesitate to reach out for support. I'm behind you every step of the way!
  • *BONUS* 1 - 4 Hour Day to address any roadblocks that may come up
    • One day intensive to regroup + refocus on your goals. This step is key when implementing change. Change is hard. Change is good. But we sometimes forget what we're working towards. This helps you realign yourself with you goals so you can finish strong + see massive shifts take place in your life!